Editorial. A website under construction, its development in the year to come and a new graphic identity

We would like to warmly thank The Equal Opportunities Unit of the City of Brussels, and more specifically Michèle Davison, who have been very helpful in getting us started on a historical, pedagogical and sociological website that will allow you to discover the richness of the LGBTQI+ communities from various angles.

We had the opportunity to conceive and implement this project in a very short period of time: a few weeks. We are delighted to present to you the premises of what our website will be and look like.

Throughout 2020 and the years to come, we will develop our website and enrich it with content, adding more information and testimonies. We are also going to enhance everything with interviews and our research, to reveal properly what happened in Brussels, this beautiful cosmopolitan capital, as a starting point.

Our website is trilingual (FR/NL/EN), and all texts will be fully translated.

Our e-newsletter will regularly inform you of what will be added to our inventory.

In order to prioritize contacts and exchanges, we will organize events and meetings that allow you to discover the faces behind the names of various personalities, both widely known and lesser-known, from multiple associations and institutions.

Furthermore, we felt it was important to adapt our logo and graphic charter in light of our current evolution.

We wish you a good journey of discovery in time and within the LGBTQI+ community.

Marian Lens – November 2019

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