The guided tours are carried out for specific projects (festivals, meetings, organizations, …) or private purposes (anniversaries, companies, …), as well as for official institutions (Brussels, community, European…).

In addition, the tour is open to the general public against the backdrop of Pride month in Brussels.

The languages used are French, Dutch and English.

On average we host 20 to 30 people per tour.

The particular setting of the capital allows us to reveal the facts and places where events took place, and L-Tour provides analytical viewpoints throughout the tour.

This journey through time and space leads to the discovery that there are just as many opinions and life choices as there are people. And that history is intrinsically diverse and plural.

The tour reveals the jagged evolution of morals, laws and rights in Belgium, and also outlines the different periods of repression or backlash, as well as the victories.

Above all, the tour embodies a style – a certain philosophy :

a) to present the realities of LGBTQI+ history within the capital: the successes and ‘firsts’, be they Belgian, European or global, that took place in Brussels… and to present them in a novel way ;

b) to inform and also challenge and make people think, through irreverence and humor or the unexpected.