Many articles and books can be found online, but the majority are still offline –  especially those that concern LGBTQI+ topics.

Belgium, and Brussels in particular, does not have many libraries or documentation centres.

The richness of information on women or LGBTQI+ communities increased firstly thanks to the historical and contemporary feminist movements. From the late seventies, more data arrived due to the early establishment of a lesbian archive in Brussels (Féminaire / Les Lesbianaires, second in the world after The Lesbian Herstory Archives of New York). This was followed two decades later by the LGBTI Suzan Daniel Funds.

That’s why our first library visits began with visiting two representatives of those movements: the La Fontaine Library (Université des femmes) and the Suzan Daniel Funds.

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You can find out about upcoming visits to documentation centres, archives or public libraries that have developed a substantial LGBTQI+ section, by consulting our agenda.